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May 1, 2014
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Niyc is an award-winning Positive Psychologist MSc, Global Success Coach, and Hay House Author.


Niyc Pidgeon


October 2018


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Organic Social Media & Graphic Creation

1. The challenge faced by the client

The clients primary goal were focused on building an organic social media strategy from scratch.
The aim was to increase organic growth using a long term social media strategy to maintain a consistent image which successfully aligned with the paid advertising strategy. So ultimately, our job was to build a loyal fan base so that leads would come from both paid and organic social.

2. The strategy we used

We created the clients content using our organic social media growth strategy. This framework involved immersing our team into the clients methodologies, values, beliefs to fully understand not only the client but every single point of adversity that her audience faces so we could write copy that would speak directly to them. Immersion is a vital step for our clients so we can successfully create copy that truly wins their target audience over.

3. Client WINS

When organic social CONVERTS into a $12,000 sale ...

After fully immersing ourselves into the clients brand and implementing our organic social media growth strategy. One of the organic post we curated for the client converted into a £12,000 sale in just ONE WEEK after implementing the strategy. Since, the audience has seen a steady rate of growth utilising only organic methods and strategies. client win wholehearted social