Jennifer Hardie | Award-winning business coach

Niyc Pidgeon | Author, Global Speaker, Psychologist
April 30, 2014
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Jennifer Hardie

Jennifer Hardie is a business coach who specialises in programmes that help female entrepreneurs running a small business.
Jennifer's goals were:

✔️Reach a following of 10,000

✔️Build credibility as a thought leader within the online coaching field

✔️Create omnipresence online

To achieve this, we utilised a broad range of digital marketing strategies including: Content Marketing utilising ghostwriting service to secure articles in Huffington Post and Thrive Global Utilising a customer-centric approach with a focus on storytelling. Solidifying the Jennifer Hardie brand by consistent imagery, tone of voice and posting schedule

I was struggling to keep on top of and actively grow my social media platforms and the traffic to my sites with quality leads that actually converted. Kumba’s knowledge and expertise is simply incredible. She works closely with me to determine the direction we are going with my brand and how we can make a big impact across all of my platforms. Her writing talents are also fantastic and when using blogging to up our visibility I completely trust her and her vision for what we are creating. I can’t wait to continue our working relationship for a long time to come.

- Jennifer Hardie


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