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Alisa Arvind | White House Journalist, Author, Int Speaker
April 29, 2014
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April 22, 2014

Inclusive Boards and Inclusive Tech Alliance

The challenge faced by the client

The aim was to gain visibility for their current brand Inclusive Boards online to build authority in order to support with the launch of the other prong to their business 'The Inclusive Tech Alliance' which focuses on improving Diversity & Inclusion within the tech sector. Their main goals included:
- To build an online presence and following
- To increase awareness of diversity and equality issues in leadership
- To publicise the services, events and reports carried out by Inclusive Boards

What did we do?

✔️ Customer centric approach
✔️ Content Marketing
✔️ Events focus

Customer Centric Approach

Identifying the target Audience
The target audience for Inclusive Boards and Inclusive Tech Alliance is corporate professionals, particularly CEOs and board members who are positioned to enlist recruitment and advisory services for their organisation.
These are ideal clients but there is also the drive to appeal to aspiring leaders and professionals who will engage with the subject of diversity issues - with the option also to register as a candidate for recruitment searches.
With this in mind we established a social media strategy that positioned Inclusive Boards as an online ‘hub’ for information and discussion around diversity topics. The content would need appeal to those already in leadership positions and those who have an interest in thought leadership and the future for UK industries.

Content Marketing


The tone of the copywriting is corporate and professional, in line with the tone of the reports published by Inclusive Boards. The imagery too is eye catching but indicative of a professional and credible source of information. Content
We wanted to produce content centred around diversity issues, diversity initiatives and current diversity discussion in the media. We combine research findings from Inclusive Boards and other reliable external agencies to put together compelling discussion based posts that both inform and invite opinion from readers. This serves to establish Inclusive Boards as an authority and a hub for diversity discussion and news.

With a social media output asserting expertise in the field of diversity recruitment, research and advisory, it positions Inclusive Boards as an assured choice for consultancy in this area. The main focus is on providing information and conversation so that any promotional messages will then land favourably with an audience.


Maintaining a consistent presence online with clear content pillars helps to signpost the credibility of Inclusive Boards for new audiences, as well as keeping the current following engaged.

Posts are scheduled regularly and the imagery and tone aligns with the branding and objectives of Inclusive Boards and the Inclusive Tech Alliance.

Events Focus

Inclusive Tech Alliance Launch Event

Inclusive Boards launched a sister company, Inclusive Tech Alliance at the House of Commons last year along with the presentation of awards for the 100 Most Influential BAME Leaders in Tech. We built momentum on social media for the event by sharing details of the awards and discussion about the pertinence of BAME representation in the technology sector, based on published research findings.
On the launch day we released details of the award winners on social media and generated engagement by encouraging those in attendance to use the branded hashtag. With attendees sharing Inclusive Tech Alliance content with their own networks we saw a boost in the reach and impressions.
The social media activity from the event was an effective way to introduce the newly formed Inclusive Tech Alliance to an online audience.

Women In Tech Leadership Conference

We started the social media campaign for this conference three months ahead of the event.
By focusing on the topic of representation of females in tech we established a consistent and relevant discussion theme leading up to the event. We used Inclusive Board’s report findings about gender diversity in tech leadership to generate interest and awareness of the issue. Additionally, any relevant external articles or reports on the topic were shared and discussed through the social media channel.

We produced a campaign to announce the speakers and topics for the conference. This boosted the reach and awareness of the event as the speakers and their organisations shared the content with their networks.

We also ran a week-long paid Twitter advert for the event, achieving a hugely successful result of over 48,000 impressions and 2,500 link clicks to the event page on the website. We secured a very low cost-per-click rate as a result of careful monitoring of the copy and graphics that performed best throughout the campaign.

On the day of the (sold out!) event we were in attendance to capture and live tweet updates from the day itself. Again, the use of an event specific hashtag allowed those in attendance to interact and share content of their own as well as the Inclusive Tech Alliance tweets.

Post event we were able to sustain the activity by sharing photos and professional video footage, along with fuller takeaways and articles based on the conference discussions.