Gladis Sahlani | Hypnotherapist & NLP Specialist

Alisa Arvind | White House Journalist, Author, Int Speaker
April 29, 2014
Inclusive Boards | Diversity Recruitment Experts
April 25, 2014
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1. The challenge faced by the client

The client was going through a brand makeover to make the transition into ‘Corporate Superstar’. Her goal was to align her social media channels into a profitable position to attract ideal clients.

2. The strategy we used

Powerful, Consistent Brand Imagery
We used specific colours and tones to appeal to her audience and align with the ‘calm, cool, collected’ tagline.

Heart felt, Purpose Driven Content
Weekly live meditations, promos, monthly challenges such as the ‘Mental Clarity Challenge’ and actionable tips to enhance inner peace, confidence and educate the audience with professional tips on how to deal with stress/anxiety. The aim was to engage the primary audience - women in demanding corporate careers to start their own inner work and journey to achieve greater success, a balanced life style and fulfilling relationships.

Hashtag research, engagement with key audiences, outreach to build rapport and lead generation.

3. Client Results

☑️ 33.1% increase in number of impressions
☑️ 2,984% increase in engagement
☑️ Achieved consistent brand image