Alisa Arvind | White House Journalist, Author, Int Speaker

Niyc Pidgeon | Author, Global Speaker, Psychologist
April 30, 2014
Inclusive Boards | Diversity Recruitment Experts
April 25, 2014
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1. The challenge faced by the client

Alisa came to us with a goal to improve her online brand presence. She had established an offline presence as an authoritative figure in her industry being a prior White House journalist. However, her goal was to push for a greater online presence for her new coaching business.

2. The strategy we used

Impactful Copywriting
Our copywriter aimed to achieve Alisa style of writing which was very heart-driven, journalistic with an underlying message of her spiritual principles. The aim with the tone of voice was to showcase Alisa’s personality and her drive to help empower women.

Brand Style
We also worked with Alisa’s brand image by creating a particular Instagram aesthetic which we felt represented who Alisa was, what she represented and to reflect her personal brand.

Organic Audience Growth
We worked on increasing Alisa’s following through organically growing her social media channels. This included posting and interacting in Alisa’s personal facebook community as well as liking, commenting and reaching out to prospective clients during Alisa’s latest launches.

3. Client Results

After fully immersing ourselves into the clients brand and implementing our organic social media strategy. We successfully achieved a steady rate of growth with regards to online visibility as well as establishing a strong online presence to compliment Alisa's offline presence within a 3-month period.